Appraisals and judicial valuations


All official appraisals such as the ones requested by insurance companies, banks, financial institutions, state or federal agencies, courts, and tribunals, must comply with the current norms and regulations of each country. In the same way, when the appraisal is related to tax or tributary issues and in legal processes, it is necessary to provide an official appraisal and only expertise technicians (with proven tradition and credentials) can issue guarantees.

What is the purpose

  • We provide appraisals and judicial valuations for different purposes such as:
  • Previous to a buy/sell.
  • For personal knowledge.
  • To acquire moving and transport insurance.
  • Claims with insurance companies.
  • Distribution of goods.
  • Divorces, inheritances, successions and will divisions.
  • Tax-deductible gifts or donations.
  • Planeamiento del patrimonio.
  • Patrimonial valuation.
  • Tax and tributary purpose valuations.
  • Inventory.
  • Suspicion of fraud.
  • Importing and exporting requirements.
  • All kinds of liquidations.
  • Liens, bankruptcies, or business mergers.
  • Auctions.