Attribution and appaisal of artworks, antiques, and collectibles


The growing market for pieces of ancient, modern, and contemporary art is generating the necessary appearance of certified experts, whose sentences are considered essential guarantees for the work to be able to go on sale or not.

Regularly, the owner of a work of art lacks specific knowledge about it, such as its commercial value, its authorship, its origin or provenance - beyond its last transferor - also lacking documentary proof about it.

The traditional theory that the important thing is the work itself has been revalued, now imposing the technical criterion that rigorously indicates that the economic value of a work of art is closely linked to the accurate verification of its authenticity and this is obtained by through a process of authorship certification carried out by a current and competent institution, which in turn can legally attest to its origin and its own tradition, information of capital importance in the valuation and appraisal of a work of art.