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What do we offer?

When it comes to authenticating works of art of considerable value -regularly without an estimate price -, the owners of these pieces located around the world, come to Global Art Classic® because we are the only institution with the best team of professionals, making use of all the available bibliographic information and with privileged access to specialized electronic databases to guarantee a service od proven reliability.

  • Valuation and Appraisal.
  • Studies and Expertise.
  • Cataloguing and creation of dossiers.
  • Counseling and Intermediation.
  • Advice on the negotiation of emerging works and recognition of authors.
  • Certification of Authenticity and Attribution of works by emerging and recognized authors.
  • Identification and certification of authors of anonymous artworks or signed with a monogram.
  • Identification of supports through files of manufacturers of copper, panels, substrates, and others.
  • Maintenance of art collections including museology, conservation, and restoration.
  • Documentation and research of 15th to 20th- century artworks.




How do we do it?

Global Art Classic®is the only research and authentication institution od artworks that, in addition to the extensive art history knowledge, use all the available methods and technological developments for these purposes such as:

  • Non-destructive artwork analysis with Raman spectroscopy.
  • Forensic examination and analysis.
  • Provenance research.
  • Historic and documentation research.
  • Scientific examination to date antiques including C14 and thermoluminescence tests.
  • Special photography including X-ray.
  • A technological examination of the digital image-based on algorithms.
  • Morelli analysis.
  • Statistical patterns.
  • Graphology or signature analysis, of recent, old, or original writing.
  • Biographies studies.
  • Research of catalogs raisonnés and collections.
  • Dantzig typology.
  • Comparative analysis.
  • Chronological consistency.
  • Historical exactitude verification.