Artwork insurances


We specialize in interdisciplinary advising within the scope of evaluation and assurance through the most important reinsurance markets in the world, including Lloyd's insurance market. Lloyd's is the world's largest insurance market and global distribution network, competing and collaborating to share risk regardless of size, location, industry, or complexity.

Whether you represent an organization that collects artwork, or that you own and have a private collection, your collection may be just as valuable, or you may have acquired a special, high-cost artwork, you will need some type of fine art insurance to protect these important assets from damage or theft.

Just as you are likely to protect other important assets like your home, your health, your life, or your vehicle, the artworks you own should also be protected against unexpected events, you can protect the artwork of your choice to insure and get the insurance that not only protects the work but also allows you to use it as collateral in financial processes.

Of course, first, before doing anything else, you need to evaluate your artwork. Having a good assessment by a professional art appraiser of what the work is worth, this job will helpfully protect you from damage or theft. The appraiser will also examine the work to make sure it is not a copy of an original work.