About us.

Global Art Classic®, a firm of expert appraisers of art, antiques, and collectibles with more than twenty years of experience in the international market. We are registered in different associations of Experts in Spain that gives us the power of action throughout the EU (European Union). We collaborate with judicial bodies under the status of Judicial Experts.


Our mission is to provide our clients with all our professional resources in everything related to the authentication, attribution, appraisal, and investigation of works of art in all its styles, genres, and periods.


We develop special research projects with the direct collaboration of accredited professionals who have deep expertise in all genres and topics. We have authored articles in specialized magazines and the production of Catalogues raisonnés of great masters, obligatory references for consultation of leading museum institutions, gallerists, and professionals.


Our clients include Private Collections, Public and Private Institutions, Insurance Companies, Banks, Law Firms, Notarial Circles, Courts, Art Galleries, Museums, and Auction Houses, among others.


We are committed to providing comprehensive investigative services with the utmost confidentiality.




Oscar Morant

Oscar Morant G.
Global Art Classic® Founder.