Painting, sculpture and drawing


The innate tendency of mankind towards art is a reality since the beginning of our existence, it is a way to express emotions and feelings in which we have relied on since our origins, art is present from prehistory until today and in all cultures. The artistic creation is an essential function of the human being, art and mankind are inseparable, “There is not art without man, but perhaps neither man without art” (René Huyghe 1906-1977)

Specialized in: Gothic (13th to 15th Centuries), Renaissance and Mannerism (14th to 16th Centuries), Baroque (16th to 18th Centuries), Neoclassical (17th Century, Romanticism and Impressionism (17th to 19th Centuries).


Escultura Pintura Dibujos, Tasación y Valoración
Painting, sculpture, drawing

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