Antique books and documents


Antique books and manuscripts are a direct source of information of past years, though they we can research and get lost in other eras. Within these ancient books are the so-called "incunabula", the latter term used for the first time possibly by Cornelius Beunghem in his "Incunabula Typhographiae" (1968) and which refers to the books "in the cradle" of their existence, they are the created from the modern printing press created by Johannes Gutenberg in 1400 to 1500.

Source of information and undoubtedly attracting collectors, we can have in our possession authentic works of art that, without knowing it, have a great value. The appraisals of these written works can come for many reasons, from a personal dedication or the age of the book, antiquity, author, etc.

At Global Art Classic® we are specialized: Incunabula, First editions of Spanish, Latin American and Universal Literature, Dedicated books, Literature of the 19th and 20th Centuries, Maps, Manuscripts, Epistolary, Autographs and Engravings, Documents and Executions, Bindings.


Escultura Pintura Dibujos, Tasación y Valoración
Antique books and documents

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