Legal advice specialized in art and cultural heritage


  • Sale and financing of works of art.

  • Cross-border movements of works of art. Exporting and importing.

  • Temporary transfers of works, transport, and insurance.

  • Intellectual property rights of the artist. Counterfeits and copies.

  • Taxation of artistic patrimony, transactions of works of art, and tax planning of collections.

  • Mortis causa transmissions and donations of works of art.

  • Procedures for the defense or recovery of works of art, including works that are part of the art historical heritage.

  • Administrative procedures for the declaration of assets of cultural interest.

  • Conservation and protection of works of art and cultural property.

  • Conflicts between States and between Autonomous Communities or other entities.

  • Legal advice to public collections.

  • Artists’ Legacies.

  • Foundations Law.

  • Arbitration and mediation.




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