Archaeology is a science that studies the changes that occur in society, through material remains distributed in space and contained in time. Thus, each culture brings with it an immensity of content that is expressed in its remains, and the Global Art Classic® archaeologists see in these objects an instrument that serves to understand the thought, values, and culture of those who made it. There are countless collectors all over the world interested in learning about the particularities of culture and making the heritage in their collections grow.

To establish the authenticity of a piece, we carry out different types of tests to obtain certainty of its origin. For this, we offer to deliver all our reports with scientific analyses if they do not arrive together with the piece.

As authenticity is very important to us, we are sure that it is also important to collectors and enthusiasts. For this reason, if you have a piece to authenticate or value, at Global Art Classic® we offer Carbon-14 analysis for organic materials and Thermoluminescence for ceramics and terracotta.


Escultura Pintura Dibujos, Tasación y Valoración
Carlos Catalán

Head of Department Contemporary Art

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